Shipping & Returns

Everything you need to know about getting your goodies and what to do if they're not quite right, all in one spot!


When will my order ship?

Hit 'Order' and our shipping ninjas get to work, zipping your package through our system faster than a gossip at a pool party. Give us 24-48 hours to get your goodies on their way with standard shipping. But hey, when the holiday season rolls around, things might slow down a tad – think of it as the postal system’s way of taking a holiday sip. We’re all about spreading cheer (and chic swimwear), so we truly appreciate your patience during these bustling times.

What's the status of my order?

Ta-da! 🎉 Once you hit 'submit' on your order, we'll zip an email confirmation straight to your inbox, complete with all the juicy details of your purchase. Can't find it? Might want to sneak a peek in your promo or spam folders – sometimes our emails get a little too adventurous and wander off there.

As soon as your goodies leave the cozy confines of our warehouse, we'll shoot over your tracking info faster than you can say 'pool party'. Keep an eye on that order status to watch your swimwear make its grand journey to you.

For the eager beavers: orders placed before the clock strikes 3:00 PM EDT will dance their way out of our warehouse that very day. Missed the mark or decided to shop on a lazy Sunday? No worries – your order will catch the next day's carrier wave.

A heads-up – the shipping world is a bit of a whirlpool right now, with carriers doing the best they can amidst a sea of demand. Keep a close eye on your tracking, and if anything looks fishy, give us a shout. We're here to make sure your experience is as smooth as a calm sea, not a stormy one!

Can I get free shipping?

Free Shipping Alert! 🚀 Spend a cool $60 (before tax, because we’re not about that hidden fee life) and we'll ship your swag for free, anywhere in the U.S. – and we’re talking standard shipping that gets your goods to you in just seven business days. It's like magic, but you know, the postal kind.

In a hurry to strut your stuff? Say no more! We’ve got a lineup of shipping options faster than a pool slide on a hot day.

But hey, our international friends – we haven’t forgotten about you! While our free shipping magic carpet doesn’t fly overseas, we’ve still got your back with a variety of shipping spells. Just punch in your address at checkout, and we'll calculate the shipping rates faster than you can say 'beach please'. International glam comes at a price, but we promise it’s worth it!

Where does my Pool Boy ship from?

Stars, Stripes, and Swim Trunks: Fear not, the Good Old US of A, has your back! Shipping straight from Ashland, VA, right to your poolside lounge chair.


Whats your return policy?

Change of Heart? No Sweat! 🍹 Within 30 breezy days of your original purchase, we're all about making things right with returns and exchanges. Just keep it within the sunny side of 30 days, and we're golden.

Now, let's get the pool rules straight:

  • Final sale items are like that last splash at the pool party – no redo.
  • Swimwear missing its tags? Think of it like forgetting your swimsuit at a pool bash – a no-go for returns/exchanges.

And because we've seen some shenanigans with returns (you know who you are), we're keeping exchanges to one per order. Our eagle-eyed team will be diving into large returns with a fine-tooth comb before saying yes to refunds or swaps.

Got a snag or a stitch gone rogue? Holler at us anytime at – we're here to help make your swimwear dreams come true.

Just a heads up: we’re all about the swap life, not the refund life, for any claim orders and replacements. But hey, if it's not a perfect fit, we're totally down for a size exchange. Let's make sure your swimwear fits like a dream!